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A life-transforming and business-transformation results matter a lot. Truly exceptional performance cannot be achieved alone.


Meet with Oksana

Oksana is finance executive, experienced adviser and high-performance trainer for business owners and top management. PhD in Corporate Finance and MBA: Global Finance from University Nice Sophia Antipolis. 15 years of finance executive experience, 5+ years managing investor relations, 8 years Member of Board. Experienced financial and investment adviser. Member of National Council of reforms at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Professor and intellectual partner at KMBS, KBS, IIB for MBA programs. She held more than 300 seminars and trainings for business executives on delivery financial management, strategic management, investment management and personal development knowledge. Business cases developed by Oksana were recognized as the best in many competitions and are used in universities. Oksana Androshchuk is the founder and owner of Evolving Finance and Evolving Market. Her office based in France,  Sophia Antipolis.


Coaching programs

1. Business booster

Looking at things systematically could change your whole view on everything. Sometimes the hardest part about making a change in your business is knowing where to start. I make it simple with a straightforward, time-tested path to success. Each next step of the process is built on the previous one so that by the time you finish the Coаching Program, you’ll have a fully systematized business that runs just the way you want it to.


Stage One

Getting Your House In Order

Every business needs a solid foundation to grow from. Develop the systems your business needs to build yours.


Stage Two

Growing Your Business

Once you have your house in order, you can scale. Based on the work you did in Stage One we will add additional systems, enhance your existing ones, and begin to continuously improve the business to support stable and consistent growth.


Stage Three

Freedom to Choose

When you have The Seven Essential Systems fully in place and working together as an integrated whole operated by engaged, inspired employees, you’ll have won for yourself the freedom to choose your place in your business—or away from it.

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2. CEO booster


There is no other position quite as unique in business as the CEO. The visibility, weight and responsibility are unmatched and it can often be the loneliest position in leadership. No one else can understand the challenges or how to successfully navigate them unless you’ve sat in the seat.

That is why I designed CEO booster program. Different than traditional coaching, this customized experience combines mentoring, coaching, and advising to provide you with the perspective and insight you need to be successful all from me with hands-on experience to help you get further and faster.

This fully customizable, VIP-style program offers the perfect mix of in-person coaching, observation, team development, executive retreat facilitation and virtual connection so you can have the greatest impact on your organization while still achieving your personal priorities.

3. Personal leadership booster

Executive clients will quickly discover and experience the unique and powerful components of the Leadership Executive Coaching. LEC is a unique coaching philosophy and blueprint for results achievement by igniting and strengthening a leader’s inner-core and outer-core. The program enables them to realize “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage as leaders in their business and life: altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance. They are the seeds for achieving sustained greatness, driving breakthrough results for themselves and their team and creating a legacy that lasts.

Встреча рабочей группы
Yoga Practice

4. Personal life tune

For many of us, our mindsets run in the background much like the operating system of a computer – directing how we act and react to situations around us. To lead well in life, we must ensure that our small thinking and mindset are synchronized, and we can focus on our mindset and actions to upgrade and transform them to better respond to a more complex and uncertain environment. The mindset (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) effects on our action, relationships, and business results.

I will not advise you or train you, I will share my experience and knowledge: how to make the mindset content which you will not want to scroll. Scroll-stopper skills is one of the secrets my life tuning coaching.

5. One-time Coaching session

1 hour Coaching Session is activity between a mentor and a coachee to discuss performance, opportunities, short- and long-term goals, career development plan, or issues of a person privately.

The purpose of a coaching conversation is to encourage thinking and reflection. It can create the opportunity for you to see things from a fresh perspective. This can help you develop your capabilities, make sense of your situation, and make clear choices about what to do next.

6. Trainings

My trainings are less like seminars and more like interactive coaching sessions. Leveraging the latest concepts in effective adult learning and being a unique blend of inspiration and action designed not only to motivate people to make changes but give them tangible tools and resources so they can make lasting change and see real results.

Yoga at Home

7. Mind shop

You can buy here accessories that make your life brighter

Choose your pricing plan

  • One time session

    Valid for one week
    • One hour Session with Oksana
    • One question solving
  • 1 Month

    € 1299 / month
    Valid for one month
    • 4 Sessions with Oksana
    • 1,5 Hours per Session
    • Individual plan
    • Up to 4 questions solving
    • Additional 1 hour Chat support
    • No possibility to cancel or reschedule a meeting
  • 3 Month

    € 1166 / month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12 Sessions with Oksana
    • 1,5 Hours per Session
    • Individual plan
    • Partially systematized
    • Additional 1,5 hours Chat&Call support per month
    • 1 time reschedule a meeting
  • Best Value

    6 Month

    € 1066 / month
    Valid for 6 months
    • 24 Sessions with Oksana
    • 1,5 Hours per Session
    • Individual plan
    • Fully systematized
    • 2 hours Chat&Call support and materials handling per month
    • 3 time reschedule a meeting
  • 1 Year with team

    € 950 / month
    Valid for one year
    • 48 Sessions with Oksana's team
    • 1,5 Hours per Session
    • Plan according the methodology
    • Fully systematized
    • 2 hours concierge service per month
    • No possibility to cancel or reschedule a meeting
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